GOODWORK (Virtual Office)

GOODWORKs Virtual Office offers you the address use for company registration in the luxurious location of Yoyogi Uehara.

GOODWORK offers not only a excellent location, but also features not all co-working spaces can provide.  Yoyogi Uehara gives you great access to all over Tokyo yet is in a highly residential area providing you a calm and relaxing environment.

Also a Co-working Space

GOODWORK dedicates 3 floors to Co-working spaces, and we also have a very nice rooftop deck for anybody to use. We also have 3 private meeting rooms available at a special discounted price for Virtual Office members. All floors have different furniture to match many people’s needs.

Perfect for Online Meetings

GOODWORKs facility is designed for guests to have smooth and comfortable online meetings with private booths and seats separated by tall partitions.